Why male contraceptives in pills does not yet exist? – the answer of specialists

Scientists from the Pharmacological College of the University of Minnesota spoke about the work to create the world's first real male contraceptive. Attempts to develop such drugs have already been taken. Chemists and physicians have tried to influence the main male hormone – testosterone. However, preliminary tests of such drugs did not pass. Medication-hormone suppressors led to infertility, high cholesterol levels in the blood. Moreover, he was just ineffective, writes Medical News Today.

The contraceptive must be in the form of tablets. This also was not achieved. Still needed its fast performance and security while taking. Yet to achieve this result, the scientists could not. Note, the work in given direction continues.

Experts from the USA trying to improve the formula of existing prototype contraceptive. In the last experiment, they substituted amide and peptide bonds at a relatively more stable elements. This step reduced the ability of the drug to affect one of the major receptors required for the deprivation of the function of conceiving a child.

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