Why laughter kills the pain

What the story-tellers and drug addicts? Scientists have suggested that laughter releases in the brain endorphins that activate the same receptors that activate drugs such as heroin, or strong painkillers.

Researchers from Oxford University have conducted a series of experiments in the laboratory and on Edinburgha festival in order to identify the ability of laughter to numb the pain. Previous studies have shown that the translation of the comedies in hospitals reduces the overall consumption of opioid analgesics. But it was not clear, the reason was the laughter or positive emotions.

Dozens of participants were subjected to impacts of varying degrees of pain, the part of the participants during procedures and showed comic extracts, in particular extracts from "South Park" and "the Simpsons", or excerpts from stand-up Comedy. Watching funny videos resulted in increased pain threshold. People who laughed more, felt less pain and after the Comedy was over.

Another group showed not funny, but good video from the series "planet earth", but it failed to deal with the pain. So only laughter can be considered analgesic, and not just positive emotions. Collective laughter also acted stronger than laughing alone.

Dr. Robin Dunbar believes laughter is a product of evolution, which helped to connect people in a social group, because in this way people could increase their pain threshold and feel better if it was contracted.

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