Why lack of sleep causes cravings for harmful food? – experts answer

The shortage of sleep triggers obesity. This is indicated by many physicians, citing as evidence the results of the research. In one of them experts from the University of Chicago has established that lack of sleep enhances the pleasure of eating sweet and salty foods. The results of the work done, reports Science World Report.

In total, the experiment involved 14 healthy volunteers at the age of 20 years. The subjects agreed to eat the same food at a certain time three times a day. The study measured the hormone levels of leptin, ghrelin and other compounds somehow affecting the appetite.

The researchers noticed that the sleep deficit led to increased appetite. Nedosypayuschie volunteers wanted there are even conditional after lunch, using 90% of the daily requirement of calories. To resist in such circumstances from the failure of the experiment by eating something sweet or salty, it was extremely difficult.

Scientists compare sleep deprivation with the use of marijuana, which also greatly increases the appetite.

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