Why is there cancer?

Often patients and their relatives ask doctors the question: "Why is there cancer?" is the reason for occurrence of this disease very much. Some of them are due to ourselves, in particular the consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle, some are part of the world, for example, opuholerodnyh viruses.

In the process of the latest research in the field of Oncology was established that the emergence and growth of malignant tumors may contribute to many environmental factors. Pollution of certain chemicals is perhaps the most dangerous. Many people are working on so-called "hazardous" industries under conditions of high temperature, friction, radiation. These factors are often the cause of tumor formation. Cancer is a complex disease that requires serious and long-term treatment. It should be noted that the treatment in Russia is not always successful, is the most productive treatment in Israel, more information can be found on the website www.medical-israel-group.com.

As mentioned, external reasons affect the appearance of the tumors, with regard to internal causes of the disease, then them too much. In particular, it is the defects that occur when hormonal shifts and weakness of the immune system.

Another factor responsible for who is the man himself, regarding lifestyle and includes very much. But most important is the person's attitude to their health. In accordance with this determined and diet, and habits, and mode of the day, and sometimes the choice of a profession. About the dangers of Smoking a lot. Can only add that it, in its effects on the body acts as a complex factor, which includes not only nicotine, but also high temperature, combustion products, etc.

Malnutrition as a cause of cancer has been considered relatively recently. Carcinogens found in smoked meat products, certain food dyes and flavorings that are currently prohibited from use in the food industry. But not only carcinogens act as hidden danger. Excessive eating that leads to obesity is what should be wary of any age, as it has been established that people with normal body weight less of a risk of cancer. The use of too hot food also affects the condition of the esophagus and larynx.

To the list of factors contributing to the development of tumors could be added and some cosmetics, medicines containing certain substances, sunlight. It should be remembered that contribute to cancer causes very often act in combination. They complement each other, forming the basis for the development of cancer.

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