Why is it necessary to do ultrasound for newborns

Transcript three letters ultrasound familiar to any resident of our country, but yet, when it comes to the need for ultrasound examination of the child, many parents unwittingly arouse suspicion: is this method safe for babies?

Ultrasound has a number of advantages, chief among which are: the absolute safety for patients of any age and high reliability of the obtained results. The power emitted by the sensor supersonic waves is so small that it does not represent any danger to the human body. The ultrasound technique is applicable only to a dense, fluid-filled organs, so it is not used for the diagnosis of pulmonary pathologies.

Ultrasound can even be used for examination of the newborn. This allows the doctors in the first days of a child's life to reveal his congenital anomalies or to diagnose in the early stages of various diseases. ULTRASONIC study of the babies can be assigned as in the first days of life, and at a later age.

To get an accurate result, prior studies need to calm the child. It should not be tired, frustrated, scared. During the procedure, you can entertain children favorite igrushki, for older children will appeal an interesting book.

Premature children, and in the case of a difficult birth, a difficult pregnancy, as a rule, appoint neurosonography (ultrasound of the brain). Such a study could be conducted before the baby was born, if there is such a need.

Neurosonography shown newborns who have been diagnosed with the following conditions: asphyxia, birth injuries, convulsions. The procedure is also carried out, if in the first months of life the baby too quickly increases the cranial box, or by a specialist have any suspicions about the development of pathology.

Abdominal ultrasound performed on an empty stomach, so children usually prescribe it in the morning. The babies ultrasound do before feeding. For the implementation of ultrasound examination of the bladder, the child should drink that the body was filled with fluid.

Infants in the first days of life often requires an ultrasound of the hip joint. According to statistics, about 30% of children are born with different kinds of anomalies, among which: dysplasia, dislocation, etc. it is very important to diagnose these abnormalities in the first few months after birth. This will successfully eliminate the problem in the shortest possible time. Kids can easily tolerate repeated studies, therefore, to repeat them without fear, watching, thus, the dynamics of the process. This allows you time to make adjustments in the treatment regimen.

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Infants can also assign the ultrasound examination of abdominal cavity and retroperitoneal space, echocardiography, ultrasound, shitovidnoy glands and organs of the small pelvis. Detected disease and pathology to eliminate are often much easier than those already passed in the chronic form, so don't ignore the advice of experts, it depends on the quality of life of the child in the future.

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