Why is it important to monitor oral hygiene

Dirty teeth are not healthy, so the wise and prudent people don't forget them constantly clean. This helps to reduce the risk of mass of complex and costly "dental problems.

Poor oral hygiene contributes to the development of periodontal diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis. The periodontium is the most complex mechanism consisting of gum tissue, alveolar, dental Lodge, located in the jaw bone, and connective fibers that are called "periodontitis". All of these components protect, surround and fix the tooth and also make chewing load is uniform and help the tooth to be restored.

Periodontal diseases can cause many negative factors in violation of bacterial balance, the destruction of the microflora of the oral cavity, poor hygiene, an abnormal bite.

Gingivitis doctors call the inflammatory process that occurs in the gingival tissue, which makes bleeding gums and swollen. Not cured in time of gingivitis can cause periodontitis.

When the periodontal inflamed the entire abutment tooth mechanism. This harmful bacteria begin to penetrate deep into the gums, touch the bone and form a space between the tooth and the gingival mass, which is called periodontal (deshevym) pocket. Pocket is a real Paradise for pathogens. Their destructive actions cause bone begins to dissolve gradually, and the tooth is destroyed. As a result, people may lose a perfectly healthy tooth.

Periodontal disease is engaged in doctor-periodontist. It first provides gentle inspection of the oral cavity. This applies to modern intraoral camera. With its help, the doctor can "access" to the most hard-to-reach areas of the mouth. In addition, a dentist and a periodontist performs professional dental cleaning removes plaque and stone through innovation system "air Flow". If the patient is infected gums, the doctor will clean the ultrasonic apparatus and prescribe anti-inflammatory treatment. Even the dentist will help you choose the right patient toothpaste and brush, and will advise to purchase irrigator, wash mouth with water jet.

Medical therapy courses. The patient will take about five sessions with a three-day break. To consolidate the results shown refresher course, giving the opportunity to finally deal with the disease.

To prevent gum disease, you must follow a few rules:

1. The choice of toothpaste and brushes are best left to a professional, because universal hygiene does not exist;

2. Brushing your teeth and tongue must be competently and with the mandatory application of the irrigator. Acquire the necessary skills to help dental hygienist or doctor periodontist;

3. Once every six months to do a professional cleaning of the oral cavity in order to remove the bicarbonate food, plaque and stone.

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