The first serious changes in the sphere of the personality of the child happen in 6-7 years. At this age children begin to appreciate the apology from the others. However, even the plea of justification does not improve psychological well-being of the child, according to DNA India, referring to the results of the study.

Children as part of an experiment to build towers out of cups. Helped in the game they technicians. At some point a grown man asked me to give him a drink, as a result of inept actions of the tower was destroyed. In half the cases, the experimenter apologized. The other simply left the room for the experiment.

A survey among the children after the experiment showed that the apology did children more generous, they in most cases did not hold great resentment at the assistant, however, the mood was undermined by the majority of young volunteers. This factor is not dependent on apology by laboratory technicians.

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