Why Georgia from October 2018 banned disposable plastic bags

From 1 October 2018 in Georgia, come into force new rules aimed at reducing pollution of the environment. From that day it is prohibited to manufacture, import and sale of plastic bags with thickness less than 15 microns. Already in 2019, plastic bags fall under the total ban. Violators will be strictly fined almost $ 200 - and seize the goods. For repeated violation the fine will be $ 380.

Production polietylenowych packages first appeared in the USA in the fifties of the last century. Used in the production of lead, which is dangerous not only for humans but for the entire world. Lead is toxic and causes the development of many diseases. The decomposition process of plastic bags long - 100 to 500 years. Environmentalists have long paid attention to the danger of such packages.

Many countries since the beginning of 2000-ies began to impose restrictions on the use of plastic bags. Russian environmentalists also demand the authorities to pay attention to the catastrophic dangers of using plastic bags.

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