Why follow the diet so hard: brain cells eat themselves

Scientists from the Medical College albert Einstein discovered why stick to dieting is so difficult. It turns out that when we do not eat, neurons that send signals of hunger in the brain begin there themselves. This peculiar act of cannibalism is designed to make a person more likely to eat.

Found in neurons of the hypothalamus cell process was named autophagia ( literally - Sampoerna). Scientists say that the result of the study on mice suggest that treatment deposited on the blocking autophagy processes will be developed. This medication will help to fight hunger and consequently obesity.

Scientists have found that blocking peptide AgRP, while other hormone levels remain elevated, leads to a change in body chemistry mice, they become lighter and lean, burning more energy.

The autophagy as it is known provides power to the body during starvation, but autophagy in neurons of the brain, called fatty acids, only makes us stronger to feel hunger, and be satisfied beyond measure. And the constant consumption of all new fat increases the levels of fatty acids in the blood, thereby creating a vicious circle of regular meals and a constant feeling of hunger. Lock AgRP in the brain may help people to escape from him.

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