Why fasting days and how to hold them?

In our day, few people think about how well he eats. Of course, many people know about what is useful and what is harmful for the body, but unfortunately, not everyone has the financial ability to eat properly. However, the vast majority of people mistakenly believes that the phrase "healthy eating" means only what we eat, not how we eat it. There is such a thing as a mode, which means that food should be taken in certain proportions and "on schedule". And do not forget about the fasting days.

What is a fasting day? This is not a whole day in hunger, as some mistakenly imagine it. It's just that this day should you eat first, smaller, and secondly, only special food. But more on that later. And now we must say a few words about the preparation. Fasting days, you need to plan ahead. On the day before unloading the need to prepare the body for this event. It is better to start the day with a hearty Breakfast, continue two times less dense lunch and to complete a light dinner. During the whole day, you should drink plenty of water. If you will be away from home, you can take a bottle of water with you. Before going to sleep, you can eat an Apple or drink a glass of kefir: this morning will help to clean the intestines.

And here, actually, started fasting day. How to start? With lemon and honey water. Preparing it this way: the purified boiled water, add a teaspoon of honey and the juice of about a quarter of a lemon. This simple drink activates the metabolism in the body. Eating should be every two hours in small quantities. This way you can during the day to kill the hunger. As for the food, it's a matter of taste and preference. There are many varieties of handling days: kefir, cottage cheese (except cottage cheese should be low-fat), Apple, cucumber, water-melon (summer days), fruit and vegetable, soup (the soup should be fast). As in the previous day, fasting days, you need to drink plenty of fluids. This does not necessarily have to be water. You can prepare a decoction is useful for the digestive system or herbs to brew tea, but no sugar.

The next day, the body must gradually withdraw from "unloading": there is more or less a light meal, but always with the presence of fish or meat.

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So, adhering to these simple rules of power, you can keep the digestive system in good shape and the entire body is in good health.

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