Why does nature need old people?

Elderly people now do not feel the approach of old age, call time care youth age 10 years further than that point, who recently recorded the polls.

Every 4th resident of Russia called the beginning of age the age of 64 years, and every 5th - 74 years. For comparison, in 2005, sociologists have found that the beginning of aging in the Russian Federation is considered to be the milestone of 50 years. The picture is similar in Europe, where the crisis of middle age has also been pushed back to a later time. If half a century ago, those in Russia and Britain was considered the age of 36 years, now the crisis occurs in a "solid" 55 years. Interestingly the South of the country, the sooner its residents indicate the end time of youth. For example, in the middle East at the age of 14 people already starting to work, creates a family. In Western countries this is the age of the student. The Nordic countries, on the contrary, pushing to 7 years beyond the border of decay of the body, compared with the average result of surveys of other States. As explained by Professor, doctor of medical Sciences Vladimir Shabalin, the biological age of a person, indeed, moved away. The reason for this lies in the depths of the development of human beings. At the moment, evolution has reached that stage of development when it is necessary not to increase the number of people on Earth, and multiply the older age group. It's all in the intelligence and experience of Mature people, which lacks young.

Now the nature of the need, the elderly, tells about this statistics. Seen, the number of people aged 60 to 90 years, growing 4-5 times faster than the total population of the Earth. Hence, the evolution of the intellectual knowledge of people after 40, because that's when the man reaches the maximum level of brain development. During the same 40 - 50 years to the people comes true wisdom, is able to give an understanding of life and a realistic assessment of their capabilities. For 70 years the person gets a clear life, professional and intellectual base.

In addition, scientists noticed that nature now, really, slows the aging process and death. At the moment the negative processes of dying person significantly slowed down.

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