Why do people with epilepsy suffer from memory loss – the doctors answer

In the new study has proven that people with epilepsy have gradually reduced the density of cells in the hippocampus. This area of the brain directly associated with storage and reproduction of memories, say the researchers from the University of são Paulo. They undertook a comprehensive examination of 72 patients with epileptic foci in the temporal region.

In this group of patients most often develops sclerosis of the hippocampus and memory impairment. The researchers assessed the state of the brain of volunteers, investigated features of the cellular structure of brain tissue, extracted after removal of the epileptic focus, writes NDTV.

The degeneration of the right side hippocampus of patients worse coped with the tasks on visual memory and quick behavior change. Note similar phenomenon scientists have described earlier. Then it was proved that the lower density in the left hippocampus deteriorated verbal memory.

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