Why do people kiss with their eyes closed? – the answer scientists

It turns out that the vision prevents us from truly enjoying the kiss and to receive the full range of tactile sensations. This is the conclusion of experts from the University of London. The results of this work published in the journal Journal of Experimental Psycholog.

The study involved 16 volunteers from among the students. They were asked to solve the problem associated with visual and tactile sensations. On the monitor in front of the participants of the experiment there were a series of letters, among which it was necessary to find the right one. Each action was accompanied by vibration and other tactile stimuli.

Was present in the test and other jobs. Scientists noticed that with open eyes is worse than the volunteers coped with the tasks on tactile sensations. Some vibration just not captured hands. Apparently, the vision reduces the role of touch in our lives. Many studies confirm these words. On the first place among all the feelings in a man really is vision.

Closing his eyes while kissing, we turn off our main organ for cognition and disclose other senses: smell, touch, hearing and taste.

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