Why do people envy and whether there is jealousy good?

The human gene pool is surprising in its perfection. The rapid trend of genetic engineering to the development and improvement of the human race has reached the most extraordinary results. On the planet there are no individuals are identical in their biological structure, all people are different and external characteristics, and psychological factors. Emotional type of people can be divided into the following groups: optimistic, pessimistic, shy, resentful, vengeful, weepy, anxious, conscientious and inquisitive. All these groups have one thing in common - envy.

Envy inherent in every person, this is due to his mood and the desire to reallocate its internal and psychological resource in one direction only. Differently envy can be called aggression, only her strength every person is manifested in different ways: secretly, pronounced and soft pravlenie. All emotional types of envy to some extent useful, if you overdo it, you envy becomes a weapon of destruction or self-destruction. Envy must be controlled otherwise the fruits of its activities will harm society and yourself.

Constant envy of more successful people many to promote career growth and continuous mental development. University education plus learning of several foreign languages, as well as practical training abroad is the result of envy. To such type of people, that is, optimists are equal to almost half of humanity. The main thing is to have willpower and talent from God. Shy people are less envy or hidden form of envy, it helps them to get rid of many complexes and to start a new life full of joy and bright events. Often such "gray mice" out quite successful media persons, but, unfortunately, this type of have years to work on themselves in order to reach the heights of perfection.

To envy touchy and vindictive need to be careful, they can move the balance and become obvious aggressors. Revenge is a real threat to human health, so this type of counseling psychologists and self-control over his emotions. Envy such people bring things up to black magic and psychological destruction of the object of resentment. This course of events is governed by the Church's prayers and everything comes on the way of its own. To negative envy reach half of humanity, it is associated with social problems - poverty and the desire not to work, and all to have. Mentally Mature person understands in the full sense of the word, that envy is the engine of progress, and not the subject of the destruction of other people.

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