Why do moms hold babies on the left - the answer scientists

According to previous studies, 70-85% of mothers hold baby on the left. Women still could not explain why they use the left side. Scientific rabotki St. Petersburg state University found that this has a positive effect on the interaction between mother and child and is present in many animals. Due to this, between mother and child formed a close bond, scientists say.

"Keep the child on the left is the distinctive black people and monkeys, but its evolutionary origin remains unknown," - say the authors of the study in the journal Nature.

Scientists have observed 10 species of animals. Managed to establish that all animals preferred the cub was left. According to experts, this is because the information coming from the child, for example, laughter or tears, comes in the right hemisphere, responsible for processing emotions.

The right hemisphere of the human brain responsible for facial recognition, spatial orientation, perception of sounds and helps to understand what we see. Thus, the right hemisphere is very important in the process of child care.

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