Why do men with normal weight increases a woman's breast?

Why do some men with normal body weight, you receive the Breasts of the female type? All men produce small amounts of estrogen, and more testosterone ( in women - to the contrary). If the amount of estrogen increases and testosterone decreases, men may begin to swell and grow breast tissue, formed Breasts.

One of the factors the appearance of Breasts in men may be the age. During puberty or old age can happen hormonal imbalance, most men with gynecomastia are in the age interval from 50 to 80 years. In the case of teenage hormones usually come in normal and breast size is returned to the male during the year.

Also on the breast may be affected by various medications - antidepressants, anti-ulcer drugs, drugs for prostate cancer and heart risk factors include alcohol, marijuana and anabolic steroids.

Some diseases can also cause breast growth in men as a side effect, such diseases include hyperthyroidism, liver disease or kidney disease.

As a rule men are very sensitive to tolerate such changes, they fear ridicule and hardly come into contact with your doctor. If the excess breast tissue is not treated, the problem is solved by surgery.

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