Why do I get warts on my hands and what is the human papilloma virus

HPV infection is one of the most common viral diseases. The virus has more than one hundred strains or varieties. Accordingly, each strain of virus causes one or another group of neoplasms. Papillomavirus can cause condylomas, papillomas and warts. Most common warts and warts on the hands. This is not a dangerous manifestation of the virus, but they can bring aesthetic discomfort.

Most often, the appearance of warts on the hands caused by direct contact with an infected person. Just touch the warts and the virus can be transmitted through cracks in the skin. This way the infection is called "contact - household" or simply contact. For this route of infection characterized by the appearance of warts, papillomas. And the key locations tumors are the hands, neck, legs and face. Infection through contact transmission usually occurs when man ignores the rules of hygiene, or use other people's things and hygiene items.

Generally there are 3 routes of transmission of human papillomavirus infection:

With regard to sexual ways the virus is transmitted directly through sexual contact. Often are those virus strains that cause genital warts (genital warts). This is a very serious disease that is dangerous to humans. To avoid this situation, it is enough to use contraceptives and selective in the choice of sexual partner.

The human papilloma virus begins to be activated in times of reduced immunity. In these moments begin to appear warts on hands and fingers, warts on different parts of the body, and so on. Therefore, it is important to keep the immune system in good shape, eliminate bad habits that reduce immunity. They are Smoking and drinking alcohol. In particular, we need to avoid hypothermia and take vitamins.

The immune system can control the infection, so any treatment aimed at strengthening the immune background of a person. Treatment involves removal of tumors. Many people don't predaltarnoy data neoplasms, try to treat them yourself at home. In some cases this is acceptable, so, removal of plantar warts at home is the norm. However, the impact on the wart in the arms or face may leave a scar. Also, you cannot remove warts at home - this may cause increased growth. This includes warts.

We recommend you not to self-medicate - contact doctors. It is the doctors make a correct diagnosis, appoint competent treatment.

In order to avoid infection or mute the virus - we have prepared some effective recommendations:

You also need to pay great attention to the immune system. Enough to include in your diet fruits and vegetables, take vitamins and avoid overcooling of the body. Exercise, do not smoke or drink alcohol - these actions will help prevent hundreds of diseases, including manifestations of human papilloma virus.

And if You noticed on my body new education that did not exist before, do not attempt to rip off or covernote. Consult your dermatologist, doctors will help You.

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