Why couples disagree? – experts answer

Scientists have tried to understand the reason for their breakup after the end of the romantic honeymoon period.

Gradually any relationship from walks under the moon and trips to amusement parks are transferred to the household channel and life together. Scientists from the University of Florida has proven that people love the first months of meeting experience a sense of euphoria. However, the "pink glasses" will eventually disappear, when the pair face first difficulties in life.

Interestingly, the more the couple spends time together in the first months of Dating, the higher the chances that people will leave, once in the conditions of living together in the same area. It was a dramatic disappointment in the partner – one of the main reasons of breakups.

With all this, there is a solution, and it is quite simple. We just need to stop focus all the attention on a loved one. Everyone should have friends and a life not connected with the second half.

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