Why children are so rapid weight gain between first and third class?

What happens to children from the first to the third grade? Why during this period, they are gaining more weight than at any other period in primary or secondary school.

The study, published in the journal Pediatrics believes that the largest increase in body weight occurs in the so-called "critical period" in the first years of primary school, leap - 5,8%, increasing body mass index (BMI).

Even children who previously had normal weight, start to add as soon as take the time school education. In kindergarten young children is constantly in motion. But after the start of school, children usually sit and learn - burning fewer calories.

There is existing evidence that physical activity, especially among girls, tends to fall with age of children. Now, when the danger zone has been defined, the state and experts in the field of health can start to think about measures that can be enacted to prevent obesity in children.

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The pitfalls are numerous. The physical education classes may not be scheduled with the necessary frequency, and vending machines in schools seduce students extra calories. After school children eat chips in front of the TV instead of practicing.

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