Why and how to use nebulizer

Nebulizer is a device used for inhalation, and direct his destiny have to help to get the medicinal substances in the bronchi and lungs. Because absolutely any substance that is introduced into the respiratory tract much faster will start to operate than say the same substance is taken in pills. Because of this method of inhalation is the most valid than taking tablets. This applies especially those drugs that are intended to guide effective treatment of the respiratory tract. In order for the medication to get into the lungs, it must be converted into an aerosol. In order to turn the liquid into the air used by the air flow, which are used for compressor nebulizers or resort to the help of ultrasonic vibrations of the membrane, i.e., using a quiet nebulizer, or as they are called ultrasonic.

The nebulizer is a camera, which is the process of spraying the medicine to create an aerosol state, and directly feed it into the respiratory tract of a patient man.

Nowadays inhalation therapy became available to everyone, regardless of age. This type of therapy has its positive difference, and it's much better than other types of inhalation. The main convenience of this method of inhalation, in that it does not require the intervention of a patient. You no longer need to force the patient to adjust his breathing to the operation of the apparatus and at the same time to perform some other actions, such as, for example, press the canister and hold the inhaler, which is especially difficult for young children.

Due to the fact that there is no need to carry out a strong breath, you can use this type of therapy, even in cases when there are direct signs of a severe attack of bronchial asthma, and even for patients who are in old age.

Another advantage in the implementation of the inhalation using a nebulizer in effective doses for this is the ability to avoid side effects, which is achieved due to the fact that the drug is fed continuously by means of the compressor.

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The safety of this method of inhalation is that during the process of inhalation this method does not use solvents and a variety of carrier gases, which are very commonly used in aerosol inhalers.

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