Why, after a hearty lunch I want to sleep? – experts answer

The amount of food eaten and its composition have a strong impact on future energy tactics person. A team from the SCRIPPS Research Institute conducted surveillance of fruit flies, flows into food coma.

Phenomenon food coma for these insects quite naturally. After a hearty meal of flies entered the phase of deep sleep. Individual products have accelerated the process of entering into a temporary coma and extended oblivion. If the food contained large amounts of protein and salt, the insects fell asleep for a longer period.

It seems that the data obtained can be applied to the human body. Most of us really feels weakness in the body after a hearty lunch of meat, whereas vegetable food such has no effect.

Scientists recommend starting with a light Breakfast food with a high content of slow carbohydrates, and for dinner eat a portion of protein. Then the intensity of morning sleepiness is considerably reduced.

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