Why a person is attracted to sweet? – the answer scientists

The answer lies in the peculiarities of the liver. In the large gland is present the hormone that defines human craving for the sweet. The results of the study writes a publication of Cell Metabolism.

"Our discovery can to push the idea of creating a universal remedy for alcoholism, overeating, diabetes and other various diseases associated with violation of metabolism in the human body. But do not forget that the neurons that are affected by FGF21, associated with the person's mood. It is therefore important to establish whether the hormone FGF21 to cause depression," commented Stevie cleaver, a researcher from the University of Texas at Dallas.

Physicians knew about the existence of the hormone, but had no idea that it affects something other than the body's reaction to insulin. FGF21 enters the hypothalamus, causing the person ceases to feel the craving for sweets. If hormone no, we want to eat something sweet.

Similar are the effects of the hormone on susceptibility to alcoholism. People without FGF21 craving for alcohol is much higher. On the contrary, at high concentrations of FGF21 people usually are not inclined to drink alcohol.

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