Whom psychiatrists believe addicted to sex

Employees of the University of California in the existence of sexual addiction is not in doubt. There's a high probability that in the near future, this deviation will receive the status of a full-fledged mental disorders such as addiction.

The latest release of Jоurnаl of Sехuаl Меdicinе published an article describing the new criteria, assessing sexual addiction. According to the Professor of the Institute of neuroscience and human behavior Rory Reid, a reason to think appears when the repetition period of six months or more occur by themselves sexual fantasies, desire and behaviour.

If we treat sex as a means of relieving stress, the desire will arise whenever a bad mood. The sexually addicted person is not able to refuse or limit yourself in sex.

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A survey of 207 patients has led to the following conclusions: when using the above-mentioned criteria, the diagnosis of the disorder in most cases proved to be correct. Also according to the research, people with addiction often seen cases of job loss, separation from a partner or divorce, and sometimes sexually transmitted diseases. Usually, the start of these problems were in adolescence or, in extreme cases, up to 25 years.

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