Whole wheat bread lowers blood sugar

Experts from the University of Eastern Finland proved in the study, the beneficial properties of wholegrain bread. Despite the large amount of carbohydrates, its consumption reduces blood sugar levels and the risk of developing diabetes of the second type, says Xinhua.

It's all in a large amount of fiber in rye and wholegrain wheat bread. Fiber refers to nevereverever carbohydrates, it improves the digestive process. In the study, researchers found that Zelezarny bread improved health outcomes not only in people with disorders of metabolism, but also in healthy individuals.

Note, this is not the first study demonstrating the beneficial properties of wholegrain bread. Until now, scientists could not determine how this product reduces the risk of diabetes. One thing is certain - fibre effect on the digestion process in the stomach and intestines, forms the microflora. Perhaps therein lies the usefulness of bread.

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