Who: the world began "the global tobacco epidemic," by 2030 deaths from Smoking will make 8 million a year

The world health organization issued its report on the dangers of Smoking and its effects on data for 2013. According to a report due to passive and active Smoking a year died on the order of 6 million people. This figure of 5 million is an avid smokers and 600 thousand passive.

The focus of the report is possible measures that could prevent death from tobacco. Also focuses on the actions of the authorities who need to impose restrictions on tobacco products, despite the high income from this product. If the authorities will not be taken any action, by 2030, the death rate from Smoking would be 8 million people per year.

Currently, the law on prohibition of tobacco products, their promotion, promotion and sponsorship protects only 400 million people.

The report as a separate item notes a number of diseases that develop when tobacco use. These are: cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and chronic respiratory diseases.

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Representatives who propose the introduction of a complete ban on tobacco use, as only this measure can reduce the dependence of the population on this product. The officer who cited the example of several countries which imposed a total ban on Smoking, these countries just a few years has reduced the number of used tobacco, together with what has markedly improved the quality of life.

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