Who released the list of the countries tend to use antibiotics correctly

The use of antibiotics should be fully justified. Ideally, if antibiotics are prescribed and taken under the supervision of a physician. However, the current reality is that anyone can buy even a strong antibacterial drugs yourself at any pharmacy. Not always uncontrolled take antibiotics ends with a positive outcome.

According to who, the leader in consumption of antibiotics is Turkey. The average person consumes three times more drugs than a resident, for example, Armenia (in this country the most moderate rates). The most popular antibiotic in Turkey and Georgia are Amoxiclav, his share is taken away from the third to almost half of the total market.

In the countries of the former USSR popular amoxicillin. In Serbia and Montenegro often use macrolides (up to 20% of all antibiotics). Interestingly, some of the injected intravenous antibiotics at home, although it's really dangerous.

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Scientists believe the uncontrolled introduction of antibacterial drugs disrupts the normal functioning of the digestive system and education for sustainability. If you have started yourself to take antibiotics, be sure to completely follow the instructions on the individual drug.

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