Who reads labels on packages?

A new study by researchers from the University Minesotta revealed that American consumers do not pay enough attention to the labels on the food. 203 people participating in the experiment were required to view the labels 64 products on the screens of computers. The information specified nutritional value of the product, list of ingredients, product description, including price and weight.

While reading labels scientists tracked the eye movements of the participants, it was found that many consumers read only the first five lines on the labels nutritional value and some of the elements in the composition.

33 percent of the subjects said they always pay attention to calories, but actually it was noticed only 9 percent of the participants. The study found that the labels in the center read more often than the label located on the right or on the left ( on the periphery), whereas on most products sold in the United States, the nutritional value of the product is on the periphery.

Also most consumers only read the first lines of the composition, so the manufacturers suggested in the first line to fit those components that can affect the health of the buyer.

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