Who gave recommendations regarding sugar consumption

No one can argue that the amount of sugar in food and its consumption is constantly growing. The U.S., for example, fully immersed in the business based on sugar. Even rolls of the famous fast food chains processed sugar for education on it when roasting Golden brown.

The struggle with being overweight includes working with the population. Who has recently outlined its position regarding sugar consumption. The norm for a healthy person without diabetes and other pathologies is 10% of the daily energy values of all products. Even better to lower this figure to five percent. Note that accounted for all of the sugar enters the body with fruits, honey, juices, etc.

Rate of 10% was established ten years ago. Modern views of some nutritionists have changed. Now 10% is a pretty big indicator. However, the scientific community sees that in the current conditions to achieve such a radical change is impossible. Doctors would be happy if the amount of sugar consumed by the average resident in the UK, declined to 11.6%.

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