Who calls to restrict the number used in the production of chemicals

A new report from the world health organization provides information regarding the harmful effects of chemical compounds on human health. For example, in some toys, tools for floor covering, as well as in Bank plastic cards were found harmful substances that have a negative impact, primarily on the function of the endocrine system. The report also calls for the banning of these substances.

Due to the impact of these chemical compounds, people start to develop problems with such bodies as prostate, thyroid, breast, testes. There is also the assumption that hyperactive children also occurs as a result of this exposure.

In order to come to this conclusion, the experts who had to work on researching this problem for two years. They are urged to pay special attention to phthalate, which has a deleterious effect on the reproductive function of women, and in addition, it can cause childhood leukemia. Another substance - bisphenol-A, has repeatedly called the cause of many dangerous diseases. It is contained in a large amount of things around them.

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