Who assessed the level of adolescent health in the world

About the health of European adolescents presented the report of the world health organization. The report concludes that the most healthy in Europe are young Swiss, says the portal EuroMag.

In the study conducted in 2009-2010 in 39 countries in Europe and North America took part in the order of 200 thousand teenagers between the ages of 11, 13 and 15 years.

Zuzana Jakab - head of research said: "This type of age is a crucial phase, when the foundations of the future psychological health and physical condition of the body".

It is also noted that adolescents in Switzerland - the most slender in all of Europe, only 5 percent of them are overweight, while in the case of young people of Portugal this figure is about 20%, relative to the US - 30 percent. In addition, the Swiss good food and always on the table in a sufficient amount of fruit. However, they are relatively few moving, but least of all in Europe watch TV: only a quarter of Teens this lesson a day devotes 2 hours or more.

Meanwhile the Swiss in comparison with their peers from other countries is not very sociable: four or more nights a week to spend with friends only 9 percent of girls and boys, this figure is equal to 15 percent. Only a third of pupils to school have a good feeling, but in Macedonia 89 percent of girls aged 11 years attend school with great pleasure.

It was also found that children from the most affluent families all these figures are much higher than in children from lower social groups.

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