Whitening teeth at home - effective methods

Who would not want that to Shine with her dazzling smile that will attract the views of the people, showing excellent dental health. It is this desire and ensured the popularity of the procedure is teeth whitening. This procedure can be performed not only by means of a laser in the dental clinic, but yourself at home. Below, we offer you to learn how to conduct a home whitening - methods of procedure.

You will be pleasantly surprised when reading the following methods will understand that it is not necessary to spend huge sums of money for services to dentistry and to achieve the desired goal it is possible, using simple means.

The most popular methods of teeth whitening:

1. Brush your teeth a simple baking soda. This simple procedure can fill teeth minerals, and will help to whiten them on a couple of shades. Apply baking soda on the bandage, gently wiping the teeth.

2. Another effective method: mix half a standard baking soda and vinegar and a little salt. By the way, you can use and iodized composition. Stir the mixture until the consistency similar to toothpaste. The mixture should be applied on the teeth, then rinse with water. Remove plaque from the tooth surface. This method will help to remove dark spots on the enamel.

3. Mix 2 drops of peroxide and half a teaspoon of baking soda (food). Apply this mixture on the teeth. Only do this can be no more than 2 times a 7 days. When applying you may experience a slight burning sensation on the gums, but the damage will not be, for it can not survive. To use this technique for the treatment of periodontal disease.

4. To get a white smile by using rubbed sage leaves, just use them as ordinary toothpaste.

5. Mix a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of baking soda. The mixture will make teeth Shine.

6. Mix lemon juice and baking soda to form a paste. Apply the mixture on your teeth for about a minute. Then brush your teeth the usual pasta. To do this procedure can no more than twice a 7 days.

Of course, to use for tooth whitening can and contemporary stripes for teeth, but you need to understand that this recipe is not natural, and therefore can harm your teeth. The consequence of which will be increased sensitivity of the teeth, at least.

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