Whitening teeth at home: 6 proven ways to

Each of us dreams of having the perfect white teeth. And this is not surprising because white smile is the hallmark of a person that attracts the attention of others.

In the modern world it is difficult to keep your teeth white. Every day people eat a lot of food and drinks, which include various dyes. They leave a mark on our teeth in the form of dark spots. Very often darkens enamel smokers because nicotine also has a detrimental effect on the teeth.

Today, experts in the field of dentistry have developed some tools and techniques that are best able to whiten darkened teeth. But, unfortunately, to carry out these procedures can not afford everyone, as most of them have a fairly high cost. However, do not despair. After all, you can whiten your teeth at home using traditional medicine. Here are some recipes and techniques that will allow you to whiten your teeth is painless and safe.

1. To whiten your teeth can help ordinary table salt. Quite a bit to RUB her about the enamel, after which rinse the mouth with warm water. However, do not abuse this procedure, as the salt crystals injure the enamel.

2. A mixture of pinches of baking soda and table salt will also have a positive impact on the whiteness of the teeth. You should thoroughly clean the teeth with the mixture, to permanently remove dark spots on the enamel.

3. From time to time you can brush your teeth rubbed sage. This procedure is absolutely safe.

4. Bleaching property has a broth-based fenugreek seeds. They should rinse mouth thoroughly. In addition, this decoction helps strengthen teeth and gums.

5. The powder of Basil leaves can be used to clean the teeth. He will whiten teeth, and will have the proper care of the enamel.

6. Lemon has always had a bleaching property. Its juice is useful for the care of your teeth. Enough add a little baking soda and RUB this mass first the upper and then the lower teeth. After one minute the mouth can be rinsed with warm water.

These recommendations on teeth whitening at home are very effective, but the results can be seen immediately. No need to abuse the recipes. Care of teeth such methods is not recommended for more than two weeks, as this may cause damage.

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