About three percent of all cancers develop under the influence of alcohol, the researchers say. Skin cancer is no exception. The fact that the human body alcohol turns into acetaldehyde, a very toxic compound that damages the liver, kidneys, blood vessels, causes mutations in DNA.

Experts from brown University conducted a study with the participation of more than 200 thousand people. The observation of a group of people lasted 18 years. During this period of time, volunteers reported volumes of alcohol consumption. It turned out that the excessive love of alcohol increases the risk of skin cancer by 14%.

Melanoma is one of the most malignant tumors. Interestingly, even white wine affects the risk of cancer incidence. That is why experts advise to be careful when consuming alcoholic beverages.

White wine contains a lot of acetaldehyde, more than hard liquor. Red wine is also a lot of acetaldehyde, but the antioxidants of red wine neutralize the damaging effects of acetaldehyde, says Deccan Chronicle.

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