White nights is one of the causes of obesity

Scientists from Petrozavodsk state University in the experiment on rats found: white nights provoke the accumulation of extra pounds. The researchers took 1000 small rats and divided them into three groups.

The first group lived all his life in the real Petrozavodsk (white nights in summer), the second group was under constant light source, the third in total darkness, the latest in 1:1 mode (12 hours light, 12 hours darkness).

Rats from the first group, according to scientists, more often suffered from obesity. Their life expectancy was also lower than in the other three groups. "In addition to a large weight in this group of experimental animals revealed increased levels of cholesterol and blood glucose and low insulin levels. These are signs of metabolic syndrome — a risk factor for cardiovascular disease and diabetes," says the study results Irina Vinogradova, head of the research group.

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