White bread newly rehabilitated nutritionists

Many people, leading a healthy lifestyle, as well as those who want to lose weight, have long been familiar with the axiom: white grain bread is evil. However, the latest research from the British dietetic again rehabilitating it's a pastry, tells The Daily Mail.

Experts from the British found out, actually white bread can give the body lots of vitamins and minerals. It may not cause problems with digestion, so to refuse bread hardly necessary. Stories about the increasing number of people are allergic to wheat not more than fiction. "Despite the decrease in the consumption of bread, for example, in the UK obesity rates leave much to be desired. In particular attacks exposed to white bread. Many also believe that they have an intolerance to wheat products and gluten, expressed his skeptical view Dr. Ayn Oconnor. Opponents of bread has ensured that this product was just an outcast on our tables.

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Research 2010, conducted by the University of Portsmouth, every 5th resident in the UK believes that his food Allergy associated with the use of products made of millet. Over the last 20 years has significantly reduced the consumption of bread. Meanwhile, despite the popular low-carb diets like Atkins and Shop (believe that carbohydrates increase sugar and do not allow the body to burn fat, so it is necessary to abandon the bread) the problem of obesity in Europe has only intensified. Now British scientists are convinced that the bread in vain was named chief evil slimming. They are encouraged to dispel the myth of wheat products and to recognize, bread is an important food source.

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