Whether children plastic surgery?

In society there is always debate about whether plastic procedures to be children under the age of 18. More and more young people want to trust the surgeon's knife to improve their body or face. Often they resort to liposuction, rhinoplasty, facelift or breast augmentation.

More plastic surgery advertised as a panacea for unsuccessful appearance. Clear expectations of adolescents to improve their lives, if they manage to become more perfect. Most of them believe they have a heap of disadvantages.

According to psychologists, thanks to plastic surgery among young generation increases self-esteem, and it gets rid of depression because of their appearance. This refers to the positive side of the question. But there is the ethical side: at an early age children tend to look sexy. Recently published an article about a mother who gave birthday seven year old daughter a voucher for cosmetic procedures breast augmentation.

Of course, plastic is required if eliminated some physical disabilities. This is justified. Flaws in appearance become a cause for ridicule and harassment from other children. Meanwhile, some believe that the child should be accustomed to the fact that not all problems are solved with the help of the surgeon. Any achievements in life require effort.

Many people argue about which has lately become a popular procedure to create the "Asian eyes". While the eyes of patients of Asian descent correct order more similarities with Europeans. This operation leads to many problems, both psychological and ethical.

Finally, remember that every case visiting a teenager plastic surgeon individual. A single opinion on this matter is absent. There is no doubt only one thing: the decision of the child the responsibility of his parents.

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