Where and how is it treated atherosclerosis?

Currently, diseases of the circulatory system were diagnosed with appreciable frequency. The reasons are many, including poor environment, poor diet, alcohol abuse, Smoking, lack of exercise and so on

One of such diseases is atherosclerosis, which many people turn to a cardiac center. The clinical picture of the disease is described as follows:

The disease itself is caused by a wrong course of metabolic processes, resulting in cholesterol begins to be deposited in the blood vessels and contribute to the formation of the so-called atheromatous plaques. In the disease process, they increase in size, which leads to the blockage of blood vessels. In the absence of adequate treatment of atherosclerosis is a harbinger of coronary insufficiency. She, in turn, inevitably leads to coronary heart disease.

The main causes of atherosclerosis are:

To accurately describe the range of reasons, which led to the development of the disease, is not possible. In most cases involved several negative factors.

Diagnosis of atherosclerosis involves conducting x-ray examinations of internal organs, in particular, located in the chest. To trace the hemodynamics also allows rheovasography. The treatment is carried out on several fronts:

If you suspect or deterioration of health should immediately contact the medical facility for help of a qualified doctor, who will diagnose and diagnose. Based on this already will be based treatment.

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