When to call the doctor at home for a child

Many young parents after the birth of the child does not have a notebook, which would be listed phone number city children's hospital and the attending pediatrician. However, almost all face such unpleasant situations. Therefore, this issue should be given special attention.

The main reason for the frequent illnesses of the child lies in the immature immune system, which is much weaker than that of older children. Of course people at any age are exposed to common ailments such as mild cold or ordinary indigestion, but these ailments are almost immediately visible manifestations. But when more serious symptoms, parents should immediately contact your pediatrician.

There are many different diseases that require a call to the pediatrician on the house and immediate inspection for medical care.

The major illnesses that require immediate medical attention:

Prolonged diarrhea in children (over 10 hours);

When hit the cutting and small objects in the mouth, ear, nose and other sensitive places, while parents should remember that self-destruction of such items can significantly worsen the situation);

When skin burns with a diameter of more than 1 centimeter (especially if the skin has any bubbles);

At elevated temperatures, especially if this disease is complemented by other external symptoms (rash, frequent crying child, and so on);

A frequent gag reflex in a child (over 12 hours);

Infrequent vomiting and stools with blood such cases require an immediate call to the doctor on the house);

The expression on the baby's skin rash, especially if the disease is accompanied by a sharp increase of temperature;

Unnatural cough and wheeze;

Diseases in which the call physician can be briefly delayed:

Loss of appetite;

Various discharge from the eyes, ears and nose;

Sudden redness of the eye or the child is difficult to open the eyelids (it is possible that this is an eye infection);

Irritability and frequent whims of a child.

Sometimes it also happens that the child felt ill at night or on public holidays, when the doctor on call at home will be difficult. In these cases, you should contact the emergency room." Its number can be found in urban clinics, reference services and databases on the Internet. This room and the room of the city hospital should be known to all young parents in order to avoid unpleasant consequences associated with child health.

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