When the use of physical punishment children can grow with the physical and psychological diseases

Reuters has published the data they collected Tracy afife the result of his research. Doctor from the University of Manitoba has collected data from more than 34,000 people, who were asked questions on methods of raising children. 1,300 people responded that as the measure of education used physical punishment.

The results of the study, Tracy reiterated its previously expressed the theory that the use of physical punishment as an educational measure, can cause further health problems and affect the mental condition of the child.

The most common diseases are obesity in 31%, and depression. In addition to these diseases produce arthritis - 25%, cardiovascular disease in 28%.

In families that had used physical punishment in children there was an increase of anxiety, sleep disorders, and immune system were observed in chronic stress, which undermine health in General, and contributed to frequent illnesses.

Children who are punished by pushing or slapping, there were frequent mood swings, and at adulthood was marked propensity for alcohol and illicit drug consumption.

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