When the periodic use of cocaine probable cardiac arrest

If you wish to become a victim of a heart attack, do not give up on cocaine. According to The Daily Mail, researchers say that the probability of cardiac arrest this drug greatly increases. According to the research, outwardly healthy people, sometimes using cocaine, even if drug intoxication has passed, have a high pressure, the arteries harden and the heart muscle thickens.

The group, composed of 20 volunteers, including male 17 and female - 3, average age 37 years, was used in the last year at least once a month. Was more similar to the control group. Participants were asked to complete a questionnaire indicating bad habits, risk factors for heart disease and socio-economic status.

At least 48 hours after cocaine was used last time, the volunteers underwent measurement of pressure and MRI scan. If people had used the drug, the stiffness of the aorta was increased by 30-35%, the pressure jumped up, and the walls of the heart totalsales 18%.

According to Dr. Gemma Fig tree from medical school at the University of Sydney, doctors do not know what the real consequences threatens the use of cocaine. Ideal conditions for the occurrence of sudden heart attack consist of propensity to thrombosis, increased load on the heart and narrowing of blood vessels.

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