When the consumption of alcohol women risk more

If women are too often and too much drink, they are at particular risk. In accordance with the recent finding of such habit is the cause of increased mortality in five times. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, this confirms the analysis of life 149 alcoholics for 14 years.

When the immoderate consumption of alcohol by a man risk his death two times higher than the average person. In General, the mortality rate among alcoholics is characterized by early (20 years) compared with the rest of the term.

According to John Ulrich, clinicians should be more closely observe women, paying attention to the consumption of alcohol. And according to Director of the National Institute for the study of drug Steve Alsop, a key role here belongs to the biological differences of the sexes.

In particular, men are larger than women. So in their body less fat and more water. Therefore, in the blood of women, the concentration of alcohol in any case will be higher, causing increases the likelihood of dangerous intoxication. Women quickly become dependent: when drinking more than 2 times in day of their body for a short period of time to apply more harm than men.

If during the day to drink more than 10 times the risk of death increases by 10%. A similar risk in men is 6%. This explains the trend in recent years, the increased mortality of women alcoholics, reaching almost one with the male level. However, the death of men occurs more often due to driving their cars after drinking. The passion for alcohol damages the heart, blood vessels, brain, kidneys and liver.

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