When powered from plastic tableware is an increased risk of kidney stones

Scientists are sounding the alarm: eating from plastic tableware, people increases the chance of the appearance of kidney stones. As you know, going on a picnic, it is very rarely without the use of utensils made of plastic. Hot food affects plastic, which starts to produce melamine. The overabundance of melanin in the body leads to the formation of kidney stones.

Scientists from Taiwan conducted a study, which was attended by two groups of people. One group ate from the plastic plates and the other of the ceramic. The analysis of urine representatives from both groups showed that 12 hours after eating, we first group the amount of melanin was, on average, 8,35 micrograms, while the second group, using ceramics, the amount of melanin was only 1.3 micrograms.

An earlier study has already proven relationship between a high proportion of melanin in the body and the formation of kidney stones.

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