When gargling lemonade easier to quit Smoking

Those smokers who are desperate, trying to part with this addiction, it will be interesting to learn about the unusual solution found by the scientists - gargle with lemonade. Researchers found in sugar, known as glucose, the ability to improve on the language of the attention and energy and may improve self-control. This smoker is easier to resist the temptation, at least in the short term.

Experts from the University of Georgia tested the self-control 51 of the student to verify whether the increased attention for rinsing glucose.

Half of the students were asked during the test rinse your mouth with lemonade, which has added sugar. The other half used the sweetened lemonade. It turned out that the students who have used the drink with sugar, there has been more rapid reaction to color in contrast to the students who used artificial sweetener and faster react to the words.

Based on these results, the researchers concluded that in this way stimulates the motivational centers of the brain that produce signals that tell our bodies about the need to pay attention to any stimulus.

Scientists believe that if trying to stop Smoking, rinse your mouth with lemonade, depending on the area not to get rid of, but to keep from having to smoke a cigarette after parting with Smoking habit in the short term will be much easier. In other words, when urge to smoke, it is better to replace a cigarette with a glass of lemonade.

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