When fatigue brain wants pizza

Researchers from Columbia University in new York artificially tired brain, with reduced sleep during the day. This was done by magnetic resonance imaging as needed to clarify the influence of fatigue of the brain the taste desires subjects.

Scanned the brains of people who had daily sleep restriction to 4 hours for 5 days, and the second group of people slept at least 9 hours a day. Then she showed a picture of food from healthy foods rich in nutrients: fruits, oatmeal, vegetables, and foods with small amounts of nutrients, such as candy, pepperoni, pizza.

The results of the study were presented at the 26th annual professional meeting of the society of sleep in Boston principal investigator Dr. Marie-Pierre St-Onge, an employee of the research center of obesity in new York city.

"Centers of the brain are more active in individuals with limited sleep when viewing images with "unhealthy" food is more than useful. These centers were not involved in people with regular sleep, and more intensified when viewed on products that are healthy for the body. This means a greater tendency to eat unhealthy food when you sleep," said the Doctor.

Previous studies on the jaded brain, showed the dependence of people to take more fatty foods with its increased number.

For tired brains more attractive increase in the number of food poor in nutrients, but with a large amount of fat, which is another reason for the increase in excess weight. Requires further study to determine why include additional neurons with activation centers responsible for taking food with fatigue.

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