When cutting the first tooth of a child shall not fever

If your child has increased salivation, he is naughty and fever, this does not mean that all these symptoms came from the fact that he cut his teeth. The study by Brazilian scientists from the University de Minas Gerais proves that between the high temperature and cutting teeth there is no connection, despite the confidence of the majority of mothers.

Although when children aged 4 to 7 months cut teeth, they are irritable, bad sleep, the researchers can't say that all of these symptoms can occur without a major increase in temperature.

Brazilian dentist team of scientists decided to follow all the characteristic symptoms of the appearance of the first teeth in 47 children aged from 5 months to 15 for eight months. On the day of the cutting tooth temperature in children has increased by only tenths of a percent to 36.98 degrees, which is the limit of the norm.

However, for many years parents with children who had fever up to 38, believed the case in new teeth. Parents should know that the reason for the high temperature necessary to search for other diseases and not to treat such symptoms as an ordinary phenomenon.

However toothache gives children the discomfort, to facilitate which you can use toys, tooth rings, to give the child to chew on a wet rag, chilled in the freezer for half an hour.

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