When antibiotics lose their effectiveness, humanity will remain unprotected

Since then, as detected fewer antibacterial drugs, as more and more bacteria and viruses are becoming resistant to existing, scientists from the University of Birmingham consider their duty to warn the world about the situation, which should be prevented in the near future.

People used to think that antibiotics are easily available and help to overcome the disease and cannot imagine that soon the antibiotics will not be as effective. Now even simple procedures, such as prostate biopsy for detection of prostate cancer, is becoming more and more very hard because of the stability of the infection to various drugs.

Antibiotics are not given importance in the medical field, even though 2 years ago who warned that the growing resistance to antibiotics is one of the three major threats to the future of the world. Global collaboration of various health care organizations in the combat declining effectiveness of antibiotics does not exist so far.

The pharmaceutical industry has also reduced the level of development antimicrobic drugs, as after a long development and obtain costly patent antibiotic drug too quickly ceases to be effective and its production is not profitable for the manufacturer and the developer.

Thus, the world is moving to a situation where new effective antibiotics widely available, and old antibiotics more will lose their effectiveness and humanity will remain vulnerable to infections.

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