When and why you need to visit a pediatric neurologist?

The nervous system of the human body is designed to provide the normal, and most importantly, coordinated systems of internal organs, adequate communication with the outside world. Any changes in the functioning of the nervous system can be determined only by a doctor. Only he will be able to determine whether the phenomenon is a sign of normal behavior, or impaired functioning of the nervous system.

Upon detection of any abnormalities specialist can prescribe treatment. But ahead of time to not get upset. Medication, typically used only in advanced cases. From the development of complications can prevent timely completion of the examination by a neurologist. On reception the doctor may prescribe ultrasound of the brain. Panic is misplaced. The specialist might just be a suspicion of the existence of any violations, and the method he chose to use to ensure that the child is all right.


Young mothers should know that in the first year of life is the formation of the nervous system of the baby. This process is most intensive in the first 3 months. Pathology, if any, it is desirable to detect in the early stages, so the babies, the spring which is not yet closed, do neurosonography.

This examination method became widespread, due to the fact that it is holding the baby does not need to pre-prepare, assign preliminary reception of any medicines. An ultrasound examination of the brain allows for the most accurate diagnosis. It is necessary for individual selection of drugs, their dosage, and also to continue to monitor the effectiveness of treatment. Using ultrasound, the child can identify increased intracranial pressure.


So, in what cases, in addition to the calendar of visits, the child should see a pediatric neurologist:

1. The child observed the trembling chin area. If such a shaking of the baby occurs periodically, and the reason for this act of physical exertion, excitement, or just a naughty child, but no other symptoms indicating the damage to the nervous system, to survive in this case is not worth it. Periodic visits to the neurologist will be enough. At bedtime your child can get a relaxing massage or bath with herbs (mint, lemon balm, lavender). If the tremor did not appear immediately after birth, and later, when the child is capricious and often spit up, you need to immediately seek help from a specialist. So can Express themselves neuralgic disorders. Measures need to be taken as quickly as possible, just so you can increase the chances of the child's normal development in the future.

2. When walking the baby becomes on the toe. The child's foot can take up to 4 months to be bent Crescent. The reason for going to the doctor may be the observation of such effects after 6 months. This situation baby feet may occur due to the finding of the nervous system in a state of high anxiety, to indicate the development of a pathology, or just be a sign of teething. Find out the real cause can be done only by a qualified specialist. It is likely that the doctor will assign the child a bath with herbs, a relaxing massage or a walk in the fresh air.

3. The child lost consciousness. If this happened out of the ordinary event, you must immediately call an ambulance. Before the arrival of the doctors of the child should be put on its side, pull the nipple and loosen my clothes. You should carefully monitor crumbs, noticing what skin color, move any limb, what breath (deep or not). After providing child first aid should be immediately show it to the neurologist.

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4. Constant hysterics. If to get something kid into hysterics, you must appeal to the children's neurologist. Of course, this behavior is very rarely associated with disorders of the nervous system, but it is better in this case to be safe. As a rule, to find the cause and you can own, or ask a child psychologist.

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