When and how does intuition?

Surprising results were obtained psychologists from the School of Psychological science from tel Aviv University. It turns out, instinctively decisions give high positive results.

Studies have shown that the human brain is able to immediately determine the most appropriate solution, and this innate ability.

Professor Marius usher (Marius Usher), I am sure that the human brain is able to process the pieces of information and to "grant" the right decisions.

On what principle does the intuition of the person?

Equally, simple solutions, for example, which product to choose on the shelf, or more complex, whether the decision of the surgeon during the operation, our brains are weighted by the principle of "for" and "against".

To determine the accuracy instinctive decisions, the researchers observed the participants during the task execution decisions. The volunteers should monitor screen of the computer on which appeared two columns, left and right. Each of them quickly display a sequence of pairs of numbers. The numbers in each column was a group and reflect the profit on the stock market. Research participants had to quickly determine which group is the highest average.

Since changing combinations of numbers occurred quickly enough - every second, so the time to count the participants simply did not exist. The only aide in decision-making was intuition.

The results were quite unusual - participants quickly calculated values.

Moreover, the accuracy of correct solutions increased with increasing data provided to the participants. Shown 6 pairs of numbers "hit" occurred in 65 percent, in the case of displaying 24 pairs of numbers, the accuracy has reached 90 percent!

That is, the human brain using intuition collect more pieces of information and displays their total value.

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