What you need to know about the prostate

Prostatitis is more than one year is a leader among men's diseases. This disease is considered a disease of our century, large-scale distribution of which is simply amazing professionals. According to statistical data, the chronic form of prostatitis are approximately forty percent of the population of the planet of the strong half in age from twenty-five to sixty years.

Why is there prostatitis

There are many possible reasons for the emergence and prosperity of this disease. But mostly, prostatitis cause various infections of the prostate gland, stagnant processes, benign hyperplasia.

Interesting is the fact that the non-infectious prostatitis form, that is, bacterially, there are almost eight times more bacterial. The main reason for its occurrence is stagnant phenomenon secretion in the prostate gland, resulting in the observed disruption of the normal blood circulation in all the surrounding gland bodies.

Often the development of chronic prostatitis can be caused by irregular sexual life, stress, alcoholism, hypothermia or physical inactivity.

Prostatitis and its symptoms

Basically prostatitis may be accompanied by pain in the genital area, perineum, groin or suprapubic area. In addition, suffering from prostatitis man, may be noted the increased frequency of urination, pain during urination, discomfort during ejaculation or even sexual dysfunction. All this may often be accompanied by bouts of neurasthenia or other emotional disorders. For acute prostatitis may experience a fever, problem defecation, vomiting or severe malaise.

Treatment method

It is extremely important to contact a specialist for help. The urologist will assign to undergo a series of studies and tests. Based on their results, will be made programme for the treatment of prostatitis, which will imply a whole range of activities. Prostatitis will require comprehensive treatment. Typically, treatment includes antibiotic therapy drugs, physiotherapy activities, the course of the massage the prostate, selection of fortifying agents.


All men should refrain from bad habits, to live a regular sexual life, try to eat right and engage in regular sports. These seemingly simple recommendations are the basis of strong men's health and effective prevention of prostatitis.

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