What you need to know about surrogacy

What hides behind the concept of "surrogate motherhood"? This means that a woman agrees to bear and give birth to a child, genetically alien to her. She agrees that in the future the child will be raised by third parties, who are the biological parents. The last and will be the legal father and mother.

A surrogate mother is often called gestational courier. It contains information about what the pregnancy occurred as a result of oocytes with spermatozoa, which belong to third parties. A woman enters into a contract or verbally agrees that the child's parents will be one, or two, of the person whose gametes were used for fertilization. Now you can find sites about surrogacy, where you will find all the information you need, and you can also find candidates for surrogate motherhood.

Reasons to use the services of surrogate motherhood:

1) Congenital or acquired absence of uterus;

2) Deformation of the cervix and the uterine cavity due to congenital or acquired diseases;

3) uterine synechia, which cannot be cured;

4) Somatic disease, in which the woman is contraindicated in pregnancy;

5) Repeated failure with repeated IVF attempts, if the embryos were obtained high quality, but pregnancy does not come.

A surrogate mother can be a woman:

• not younger than 25 and no older than 35 years;

• has an excellent physical and mental health;

• has own child with good health.

One of the most important conditions is the voluntary agreement of the woman to participate in this program.

Of course, surrogacy helps couples to have own child after desperate attempts to become pregnant and give birth naturally or with IVF. However, in such good deeds have their challenges, complicating the process.

Possible consequences of surrogacy

The surrogate mother, the bearing of the stranger to her child, can occur maternal instincts. Subsequently, it can inflict serious psychological damage, when the time comes to give the child's biological parents. To exit this situation, the genetic parents do not limit surrogate mother in communication with the child. So it is not doubted that the baby will be all right, pre-selected path of trust: its not monitored constantly, don't hold in suspense throughout the course of pregnancy, ensure its material. So, you can avoid unwanted consequences that arise when the surrogate mother instincts to gestate a child.

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